The Brumagin Family

  • Published November 18th, 2011 by Michele Celentano
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It is a true blessing to have loyal clients that love my work and chose to come back again and again.

I have been photographing the Brumagin family since 2007 and let me tell you, they are so fun to work with.  A family of 7,  all with big personalities  Watching kids grow up through portraiture is a reminder of how fast time passes and how quickly our kids grow up. 
Thank you - Lori, Ian, Kyndra, Jack, Kyra and Kayley for being so much fun and for trusting me with your family portraits.


Puppy Love....


Yes... I think I may have lost my flipping mind.  For those who know my dog history you will find this story even funnier than most.

Puppy number three arrived at my house last night.... Paul sort of rescued him from a call he was on yesterday. 
So now we have our first baby, Jeter - a Westie and there is Wrigley - a boxer and now we have Unnamed puppy - a Shitzu.  What a furry ball of cuddle love he is.
When Paul started texting my pictures of the little guy I just knew he had to come home- he really is to die for.
So far Jeter seems to be unfazed by the new addition however Wrigley is not quite so open to losing her position in the family as the baby.... 
I wonder how hard it will be to get a portrait of all three of the bubba doo’s together.... Of course you know I will be trying. 


The Sheppard Family - 5 amazing kids!

Anyone who has ever photographed children will tell you about all the challenges involved...
Ages ranging from three years to twelve.... Well- that's going to be a challenge! Or so I thought!
These 5 kids were absolutely amazing... There was no excuse that night for a glass of wine when I returned home from this session.
The Sheppard family was so much fun.  They are truly a happy family and it was a
pleasure to photograph them.
Jordan, Andrew, Elise, Kate and Carson, thanks for making me laugh so much! 

It's all new....

  • Published November 16th, 2011 by Michele Celentano

Fianlly, my new website is up and running.  Marathon Press did a great job incorporating all of the new design element of my logo. 

It's been a while since I have blogged on the site and I am ready to jump back in.  At first my thought was to keep my personal blog seperate from my portrait work - however since my work is such a big part of my life and some of my clients have become friends - this is it.  One place for everyhting Michele Celentano. 

From my photography to my family, training, cooking and life in general this is the place where I will be sharing it all.

Thanks for stopping by and I promise to keep it much more updated.


Sensational Seniors

  • Published April 9th, 2009 by Michele Celentano
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The next few blogs are all about HS Seniors.

I have been having a blast photographing these amazing teenagers.  I love hearing about where they are going to collage and what there interests are.  This video is of Lauren - she is so fantastic.   She wanted something a little different than what all of her friends were doing.  We went to a great location with old buildings and great light.  I shot a couple of images of her and her brother for mom.  Sometimes I am in my own mind with one plan of what I want to do and then my senior will suggest something I hadn't thought of and it really adds to the session.

I will be posting some more of these sessions in the next week.

Many of you have asked about my images and experiences in Uganda and since this blog did not save the posts from the previous one I will back track and blog about Africa too.

Thanks for reading.... it means a lot!

Welcome to My Blog!

 Well - it's all new.... My new blog is a preview of what the new website will look like.  I am really excited to launch the new studio blog and website with our fresh updated look.  

I guess the real issue is keeping current with the blog and posting as often as possible.  I figured if I can keep up with facebook then I can do this.

Funny thing is I'm not sure people want to read my blog and do I have anything interesting enough to say on a regular basis.  I will do my best to keep it current, fresh and interesting.  

This week is off to a great start... I gave a full day program to the Western States Convention on Monday and really had a blast with them.  They were one of the most down to earth groups with a real flair for great hospitality.  I guess there were about 175 photographers and it felt like one big family.  I stayed for the Presidents awards ceremony and was truly impressed with the quality of the images that were presented.  

Returning home to flowers and dinner my wonderful husband made was a great treat.  Thursday at sunset marks the end of lent and after almost 7 weeks without red wine my favorite friends are hosting a bread and wine dinner for me.... I can hardly wait to enjoy a beautiful glass of wine and spend time with the people who supported my lent efforts.

To continue with this great week... Friday is my 39th birthday (yes I say that proudly)! I am looking forward to this last year of my thirties, I remember back in 1978 saying to my friends "in the year 2010 I will be 40.... at that time who actually believed 2010 was ever going to come...

...and to wrap the week up Easter Sunday will once again be celebrated with family and friends.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Easter or Passover week!