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  • Published July 31st, 2013 by Michele Celentano
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Here we are... Just about 2 weeks out from SCU (Skip Cohen University) summer session.  It’s truly a week I look forward to all year.  You might be asking “Why do you look forward to this week so much?”  And, I would say “ Are you nuts? It’s one of the greatest weeks of year.”
Most of my year is spent sitting in my office working on images, orders, invoicing, marketing and sales....  Spending a few days with a group of photographers who are dying to learn and share is a wonderful break from the rut we may all get stuck in sometimes.

Growing up our parents (most of them I hope) encouraged us to get an education... get an education.... and get an education! It was a running theme in my house.   For some crazy reason photographers often fail to truly educate themselves in their craft.  
Many people are under the assumption that better equipment makes you a better photographer so most newbies will spend money on “stuff” instead of getting educated.
That is really sad to me because without an education how in the heck are you supposed to use those expensive tools to the best of their ability?

Online education is a wonderful new resource for learning but it CAN NOT and never will replace the experience of a hands on workshop.  Meeting other photographers with the same passion as you have and learning from instructors who love to teach and pay forward the gifts that were given to them by their mentors and instructors.
Nothing fires me up more than seeing the light bulb go on in the eye of a photographer who “got it”! After making mistakes with posing in the class they pose a group perfectly and they are so excited.  That just can’t happen when you are sitting staring at a computer or TV screen watching someone else demonstrate things you should be learning hands on.   

I can only imagine what it would have been like to learn black and white printing online and then going into the darkroom to try it myself without someone to help me..... or learning to drive online and then taking a road test without experience driving a car. You can learn all the rules of the road online but you can’t learn to drive online or in a book.

Take the time to invest in yourself, your craft and your business.  It will be the best money you spend in this industry.  Workshops are not just for the learning experience alone but also the socializing and networking that takes place.

If you are feeling frustrated and stuck and need a good kick in the photo”ass” - get yourself to SCU this summer.  As Hanson Fong always say “just close your eyes and pay!”  

I can not express enough how passionate I am about teaching and doing live workshops because without a shadow of a doubt the work I create today is a direct reflection of every workshop I have taken (and there were a lot).  

So are you really excited to take your work to the next level, to have a learning experience like none other?  Go.... right now and make the greatest impulse buy you will make all year.... sign up for SCU.

Dream- Learn- Expand- Create- Inspire- Live- Love and most of all Laugh....
See you in two weeks.



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