About Michele Celentano

Who me?  It's hard to write about yourself without sounding....  weird. 

What I can tell you is that I love what I do.  Photographing people, faces and realtionships.

In my heart I know without a shadow of a doubt that the portraits I create today are going to mean so much more years from now. 

Family is everything - it's what we come from and who we become.  Portraits with the people you love the most are irreplacable.

They are the only visual reminders we have when those people we love are no longer with us.  

Each and every portrait I create is special because I know what it will mean someday. 

I know I wish I had portraits with my grandparents (not just snap shots).  

My own home is filled with frame upon frame of pictures of the people I love.

Fill your home and your heart with portraits of your family - the people you love the most. 


This is what my good friend and mentor Rudy Pollak wrote to describe me..... I am honored by his words.  

How do I explain Michele Celentano? 

I think I will start with some words like: Energetic - Powerful - Knowledgeable -  a Dynamo in her field.

A work horse -  caring, emotional, stable, teacher, educator, passionate, and caring.

When you want someone who really knows about capturing emotion and is an educator it’s a fine incredible package.

Michele is fantastic in keeping her senses and can control a situation to return results that will  take your breath away.

In todays world of buy a camera and become an instant photographer, its nice to know there are still people like Michele who spent countless hours training, learning and learning her craft to be the Master of her craft she is today.

When you hire Michele you are getting the best you can for an investment of a lifetime.




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