Puppy Love....


Yes... I think I may have lost my flipping mind.  For those who know my dog history you will find this story even funnier than most.

Puppy number three arrived at my house last night.... Paul sort of rescued him from a call he was on yesterday. 
So now we have our first baby, Jeter - a Westie and there is Wrigley - a boxer and now we have Unnamed puppy - a Shitzu.  What a furry ball of cuddle love he is.
When Paul started texting my pictures of the little guy I just knew he had to come home- he really is to die for.
So far Jeter seems to be unfazed by the new addition however Wrigley is not quite so open to losing her position in the family as the baby.... 
I wonder how hard it will be to get a portrait of all three of the bubba doo’s together.... Of course you know I will be trying. 


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