Skip's Summer School

Skip’s Summer School-


Has the Internet totally killed the personal experience of hands on photographic workshops?

Growing up in this amazing industry I can say without a doubt the most valuable thing I did for my career was attending weeklong workshops with amazing talented photographers.  My first weeklong class was actually with Clay Blackmore almost a million years ago.  I still keep in touch with friends I made that week – I remember the energy and excitement that all of the students shared.  Not only did we learn from our instructor but we learned from each other as well.

It’s super easy and convenient to watch online videos to learn about your craft but there is nothing quite like sharing time and immersing yourself for several days with other photographers. 


The lineup that Skip has put together this year is outstanding.  I am personally looking forward to spending time with all of the teachers, students and Skip.  This is the time friendships are either formed or expanded upon. It’s a time when you can step away from every distraction in your life and have fun learning and playing.


My love of teaching comes from my greatest mentor Monte Zucker.  That man had a love for people and teaching like no one I have ever met.  He could make you laugh and cry all in the same sentence and when you left a Monte class you knew something magical had emerged in you.   Truthfully, that is what summer school is all about-

It’s about the coming together of like minded individuals who love to share what they know with others, it’s about creating the kinds of friendship you just can’t nurture through facebook, it’s about reigniting a creative energy within your photographic soul.  Skip’s Summer School is about learning and growing as a photographer and so much more.  It’s about the intangible connections we make with inspirational people who move us in new ways…..


This is going to be a great summer – I hope you will join us.



Michele Celentano



Skip's Summer School from Clay Blackmore on Vimeo.

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