Then and Now... Brooke

  • Published March 19th, 2013 by Michele Celentano
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Then and Now... Brooke

When I thought of the idea for this “Then and Now” blog series I did not realize the impact it would have on me personally.  
This is Brooke.  She is a high school senior and an incredible artist.  The tattoo of the elephant on her calf is her own drawing.  Since I love elephants I absolutely love her tattoo.  These senior portraits of her were created just a few weeks ago.
The image of her and her sister (Brooke is leaning over her younger sister) was taken in 2004 - more than 9 years ago.  Wow!  What a difference 9 years makes. It is incredible to photograph and see children grow into young adults.  This photographic career is such a gift.  Brooke - thanks for being a part of my photographic history.



Cindy  commented on  March 27th, 2013

Beautiful photography. Been watching you the last few days on Creative Live. You are awesome. Love your passion!

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