CreativeLive -Day 1

The CreativeLive Experience

What an incredible three days.  With a pre-production day, it was really four days.
My trip started on Friday while driving home from the gym.  I had 42 million things on my  mind, a haircut later in the day, packing, picking Anna up from a party at the park and of course I was bubbling over with excitement about CreativeLive. With all of that on my mind I was not paying close attention to driving and while making the left turn onto my street I crashed into another car.....

I’m not sure if I was more upset about the car or the fact that I would have no time to have my hair cut and colored before my camera debut on CreativeLive.
Luckily no one was hurt and my car is being repaired....

I’ve been teaching, lecturing and giving workshops on the subject of photography for just about 15 years but this would be the largest audience I would speak to and I would not be able to see them.  It was both a little nerve racking and exciting at the same time.  

It’s Saturday morning now and I am on my way to airport.  I make most people I travel with nuts because I have very specific timing for getting to the airport.  I don’t like to sit around and wait for my flight so I plan my timing just right in order to drive, check bags, go through security, grab a cup of coffee and a bottle of water and walk right on the plane.  This method of traveling makes most people nervous - I however don’t like to sit around the airport since I spend a fair amount of time there anyway.... (Sorry about my little side bar)

Despite the airport being busy with spring break travelers, my timing was right on as usual.  And, of course I slept from before take off to touch down.

CreativeLive had a car waiting for me at the Seattle airport and before long I was off to my hotel.
The hotel was directly across the street from the CreativeLive studios which we did not use for my workshop since they were undergoing renovations.
I spent the evening checking out the area and having dinner at a local Italian place.  I sat and went through my slides and images adding some final touches to my Keynote.
For a lot of people the thought of sitting at a restaurant alone is scary but I have to say I kind of like it.  I enjoy working while having dinner, a glass of wine and people watching.

Falling asleep on Saturday night I felt like a 5 year old on Christmas Eve listening for Santa.  I was so excited I could barely contain myself.  
Sunday morning I headed down to the gym and did an hour workout.  I brought enough gym clothes for every day but that did not work out.  Malika picked me up around 10 and I was thrilled to meet her.  We had exchanged lots of emails and had several phone meetings.  Off we were to check out the location and go over pre-production.  
This was a pretty easy day and it was fun watching the set designer create the living room setting that we would be using.  The film and audio crew was also there setting up and before long I was feeling a little like a hotshot talk show host.... We went over the schedule and the areas I would use for shooting (weather permitting).  

As Malika dropped me off at the hotel she said “Get a good nights rest. The next few days will be a little crazy”,  it was like she jinxed me. At 1:40 am the hotel fire alarm was on full blast and I was startled right out of a good nights rest.  
I tried to ride it out but within a few minutes I could hear fire engine sirens and people running in the hall ways.  WIthin a few minutes I was standing outside the hotel looking up at a building that had no signs of being on fire.  
Since I am married to a firefighter I felt it appropriate to call and wake him up at 2 am to tell him about the alarm..... needless to say he was not amused.  All the fuss was over a piece of burnt toast on the third floor.  Who burns toast in the middle of the night in a hotel room?

Monday morning rolled around and the adrenaline and excitement were not going to let me feel anything but ready to go.  
I wanted to feel comfortable talking to the cameras so I decided to name each of them after friends that are always easy to talk to.  Camera 1 - Louise,  - Camera 2 - Terri and Camera 3 - Rudy.  The camera guys did not seem amused by the camera names.
Monday we would be shooting “in studio” all day.  The interesting thing about talking to cameras is that I was missing the reaction I’m used to getting from a large audience.  I can usually gage how I am doing by the audience reaction and now I was a little lost.  The camera guys are doing their job not really paying attention to me, the hosts were checking the chat rooms and paying a little attention to me and I had three studio member who were all awesome - but I was missing the laughs from the big crowd.  Thankfully, Malory and LaRae started to give me some feedback from the chat room and I started to relax knowing there were folks out there watching and laughing with me.

Day one wrapped up and I was thrilled.  Even though I went through my material a little faster then I expected to, it all worked out.  Whew... day one was done and I felt pretty relaxed.  Tuesday would be awesome because I had a family of 11 to photograph, mom, dad and their 9 children ages 6 months to 17 years.... (I was ready for the unexpected).

Well alright.... Monday took a lot more writing that I thought it would so I think I will break this blog post about CL into 3 posts (one for each day).

I can end Monday letting you know there were no fire alarms and I had a great night sleep.  

The set on Monday morning.

The firefighters looking for burning toast....


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