CreativeLive - Day 3

Creative Live Day 3

I can’t believe it has been 2 weeks since CL.  Time really does fly!

Even though I was ready to get home to my family, I was sad on day 3.  It was like my vacation at Disney was coming to end.  The entire experience was so fun I really didn’t want it to end.  In three short days the crew became friends - we had some great laughs and I liked working with everyone.  
Tuesday night I was lucky enough to have dinner with Arlene Evans, (one of my favorite people) we were able to catch up and talk about the exciting growth of CreativeLive.

Day three was fun because I was able to use the living room as a background and utilize beautiful window light.  We did some early morning rearranging of the room moving the sofa away from the wall and into the center of the room.  The production assistants also helped me stage the bookcases and mantle with accessories.

Trudy and her family were on set bright and early. Trudy’s children were a bit on the shy side which is common with children.  I had to work a little harder to get them to open up but once they did it was all good.  It’s not easy for most people to be in front of one camera never mind four cameras and a big crew.
It was fun having Trudy go through the pre-portrait consultation, the session and the sale all in one day.  In real life that doesn’t happen but it was fun to have the viewers see the entire process.  It was so refreshing that she could pay cash for her order which came to $42 million......

Here are some of the images with Trudy and her family.....

The end of the day was more emotional than I was expecting.  The responses I was getting from the viewers on the previous days were overwhelming and it was nice to know I was having an impact on photographers around the world.  
I feel so passionate about my work, what it means to other people, the importance of photographs and the value of photographers it was hard to not be emotional.  
Sue Bryce last week in a post said that nothing is really new... we are just passing on ideas and information that has been given to us.  I totally agree.  I love giving back what my mentors and teachers gave to me.  It is an amazing feeling to see the “Ah Ha” moment in the eyes of someone who learned something new that will change their work for the better.

As I said at the end of the last day on CreativeLive I am inspired by my own 12 year old daughter Anna.  She has had a passion for playing football since she was 9.  She played 2 seasons of flag football and then asked if she could play tackle.  
She didn’t care that it’s considered a “boy” sport or that she would be the only girl on the team.  She didn’t worry what other kids or their parents would say... She loves to play football and that’s all she needs to live her passion.  
Passion, desire, a willingness to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation to achieve a goal.... that’s what it takes to be special - to stand out - to defy perception - to find yourself and your own happiness.

Thank you again to the entire team at CreativeLive, Erin, Christine, Lisa and all of you who tuned into watch..... Thank you a million times for all the wonderful messages you sent too.  Thanks to both families that posed as our models!!



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