National Association of Broadcasting…. 


What am I doing at this convention?  This is way above my head!  No kidding… you can buy a satellite dish attached to a news van here or an SUV with a crane and a camera attached to it.  There are green screens and weather reports going on… robots moving video cameras  - Eighteen wheelers complete with media studios inside.  I sat next to Henry from Sweden on the plane. He was European, overly friendly and just a little intoxicated after 11 gin and tonics in the last 18 hours.  He owns a company that builds these huge media trucks…  

“Ohhh… so are you vendor at the show?” -“No,no,no - I’m just going to see what’s new.”  

In my mind “Yeah, cool - fly 18 hours to see what’s new in the broadcasting industry.  Right on my new friend!   Holy SHIT…. what have I gotten myself into.


4k video - pulling stills from video..  What the hell does that even mean?  Can Celentano handle this?  If you tell her what you want and give the tools to make it happen she will deliver…… 


I’m terrified - I’m pacing…. These guys shoot this camera for a living… I’ve been playing with it for a month - but I’m already in love with it. (as in love with a machine as you could be!) 

Study… figure out what they are doing… learn the techno language…. pay attention….  Shit - screw it all - do what you do……


Just give me the dang camera and take all the rest of that crazy shit attached to it…. (pull focus, sliders, HD monitors……)


Just me the camera and my subjects…… THAT’S IT!  That is all I need to do what I do. 


Why me?  There are so many other truly qualified people to take my place and deliver this program….. So, why me?  


I have been teaching on the national lecture circuit for more than 15 years and being born to perform on Broadway ( my childhood dream) I have never been nervous to step on stage and share what I know… what has been given to me by others (Monte, Hanson, Susan, Rudy, Steve, Clay, Joe…. and so many others….. 



But this is different -  It’s Canon and it’s NAB and I feel lost…….



You’re here and there’s nothing to fear…. Speak from the heart…. Speak from the heart… Be you and only you…… Just you! 

It worked…. How could it not?  When you are just you - honest - organic- pure - it always works. 


The crowds came and my excitement for new technology shined! … because I am truly excited. 


The true lesson in all of it… You can walk into anything that is out of your comfort zone - if you try to just fit in - you will not succeed - If you can maintain yourself - who you are - what you do- you will inspire - create and rise from ordinary to extraordinary!  


We need to be pushed so far out of out comfort zone that we are pacing… and nervous and questioning- for it is these moments in which we dig deep and figure out how to be - just BE- 

Be who you are in it’s purest most simplest form.  You can’t fake it! That’s a lie and lies never work.  Flawed or flawless - being true to yourself is the only way to live a truly happy and authentic life….   Everything else is bullshit and you know it and so does everyone else. 


Be glorious, be courageous, be flawed, be silly, be true, be bitchy, be kind, be sweet, be sassy, be sexy, be honest, be beautiful, be ugly (sometimes), be brave, be a mother, a wife, a friend, a lover, be smart, buy the damn shoes.….. But above all else be YOU! 



Thank you so much to my incredible friends at Canon USA who continually look after me and help to push me in new directions creatively and professionally.  Thank you asking me to speak for you at NAB - I was so proud to represent a company that I love and is so supportive of this incredible photographic industry!


Michele Celentano




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